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Where to go For a Costa Rica Beach Honeymoon


Many couples decide that Costa Rica is the perfect destination for their honeymoon, and with beautiful mountains and volcanoes and not one but two amazing coasts, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination. But it is a whole country, and you might not be sure where the you can go for the best Costa Rica beach honeymoon. It can be difficult to narrow down your options, so here are three of the best places to go in Costa Rica for a romantic honeymoon on the beach:

1) Guanacaste


This province is located on the northwestern part of Costa Rica, and its climate is what makes it unique. This area doesn’t get much rain, but it’s very warm during the winter, which would make it an excellent place to escape the cold after a winter wedding. Guanacaste is also home of the beautiful Tamarindo Beach, which is one of the famous and most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica. This beach backs right up to warm, inviting Pacific waters, breathtaking sunsets, and soft white sand that is perfect for a long walk on the beach. There are paved roads that lead to the beach, making it one of the most easily accessible in the province.

2) Manuel Antonio


Manuel Antonio is one of the top Costa Rica beach honeymoon destinations, this beach is located on the central Pacific coast, which is spotted with areas of both wet and dry climate. This beach is one of the top rated among honeymooners. It’s very close to the capital, San Jose, makes it quick and easy to get to the gorgeous beach and the tropical rain forests. This area features a lot of interesting wildlife and countless activities for the adventurous couple– zipline tours, kayaking, parasailing and surfing are all available for anyone who wants a unique way to enjoy the gorgeous tropical beaches.

3) Nicoya Peninsula


If you are interested in quieter, more private honeymoon where you can focus solely on your brand new spouse, this is the perfect destination. While it is just as beautiful as the rest of the country, the Nicoya Peninsula is cozier thanks to small hotels, private, uncrowded beaches, and none of the touristy noise. This location enables you to enjoy beautiful scenery, explore underground caves, and walk along turtle beaches with your spouse without fighting crowds or getting distracted knocking out lists of must-sees. If intimacy and privacy are the focus of your honeymoon, Nicoya Peninsula is the secluded paradise you are looking for.

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